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NewsWhy should I choose a stain-resistant tablecloth?

Why should I choose a stain-resistant tablecloth?

Stain-resistant fabrics have spread hugely over the last 20 years and have become a real must for the hotel supply industry as well as for privates.

In this achievement our company has been a pioneer in Italy, in fact we were the first to offer stain-resistant table linen to the sector, which, after a second of hesitation, welcomed it on its tables and never looked back.


Stain-resistant table linen is the perfect union between elegance and convenience, combining the softness and beauty of the fabric to the unbelievable practicality that characterizes this type of cloth.

Our table linen was born in Italy from a special polyester fiber, treated to be stain-resistant and non-iron, important features that give numerous benefits to its users.

So, what are the advantages of stain-resistant table linen? Let’s see them one by one.

1. Elegant and soft as a natural fabric

Tablecloths are the most important item of every mise-en-place, they can make a table shine and give even more value to the moments spent together.

Our 100% polyester fabric comes elegant and very soft to the touch, just as a natural cloth, adapting to every occasion. In fact, our tablecloths are made both for a daily home use and for the chicest events, if cut to the ground or enriched with other items for instance, such as table runners or napkins.

Moreover, thanks to our large choice of colors and patterns, our selection can adapt to every kind of environment and atmosphere, from the most sober and classic to the most vibrant and modern one.



2. Practical and easy to clean

“How to remove red wine stains”
“How to clean coffee stains”
“How to get stains off tablecloths”


Eventually everyone finds himself asking Google how to save our tablecloths after a good meal with friends. Removing grease, wine or coffee stains from a tablecloth can become a nightmare, and here’s when we come in.

The practicality of this fabric is the main reason, why buying a stain-resistant tablecloth is so worth it. This treatment allows the fabric to repel accidentally spilled liquids such as coffee, wine or fruit juice for as long as it takes to take some kitchen paper and dab it on, saving many washings.
As for grease stains, a simple machine wash will take every stain off, thus making your tablecloth clean and impeccable once again.

A little disclaimer: you should never use fabric softeners, they remove the stain-resistant treatment from the table linen.



3. It is non-iron as well!

The stain-resistant treatment makes our tablecloths non-iron too and gives them a texture useful to avoid the formation of wrinkles, if washed and dried correctly. However, even if this is not essential, it is possible to iron the fabric. The heat of the iron, in fact, gives the tablecloth a perfectly smooth finish and strengthens the stain-resistant treatment, making colors more vibrant as well.

4. It does not shrink nor discolors

Our stain-resistant tablecloth does not shrink, but keeps its original dimensions and shape over time, thanks to the precise cut made by our seamstresses, which guarantees the lengthwise grain of the fabric.
Moreover, the fabric does not discolor with washings, but remains the same over time.

5. Is environment-friendly!

The biggest advantage of our stain-resistant table linen is the saving of washing cycles and laundry detergents.
Being able to take stains off with kitchen paper or with a quick machine wash allows to avoid many unnecessary washings, achieving a substantial saving in water, electricity and detergents.
Another plus comes from the non-iron feature: since our tablecloth does not require to be ironed, we are saving up on electricity a little more.

Besides, a tablecloth that gets ruined less, is a tablecloth that lasts longer.
Our stain-resistant table linen has an excellent durability over time. It was made for a daily use and frequent washing, which do not affect the tablecloth’s durability, if washed and treated as per instructions.

As you can see, the benefits coming from a stain-resistant tablecloth are quite a lot and we cannot wait to show them to you.

We hope we have convinced you to try our products!

See you in our e-shop! ❤️

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