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One of the main purposes of our business, is customer care. For us It’s essential that he feels satisfied, therefore we want to follow his needs and don’t disappoint his expectations.

We try to follow with precision and attention all the steps from the realization of the final product to the moment it’s in his hands. First of all, our products are handmade by our staff, who dedicates himself passionately to his work. The quality of tissues is great, and we make custom-made creations too. To make sure that the customer doesn’t feel limited. At the shipping moment, our wide range of products is treated with care and manual skills by our seamstresses, wrapping it in a tissue paper and arranging it in the best way possible.

Every parcel is customized with the realization of a thank-you card handwrite. Basically, we try to take care about every detail from A to Z. We always ask to our customers to let us their feedback, this is very important for us, for improve ourselves and know the degree of customer satisfaction.

One thing, that we always repeat is that, for us, the buyer is not a number, but in the moment that he chooses to trust to us and our services, he becomes a part of the Magilu family.

A special customer care!
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