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Tavaglie su misura antimacchia antistiro

Custom made tablecloths

Have you ever had to buy a tablecloth but freak out to be able to find the perfect measures for your table? I know, it’s a hassle and you’ll lose a plenty of time for it. Moreover, is possible that, when you find the perfect color and design, there won’t the suitable measures. I know, it’s a hassle and you’ll lose a plenty of time for it. Moreover, is possible that, when you find the perfect color and design, there won’t the suitable measures. If in this moment you’re thinking that you’re not able to take the right measures of your tablecloth for example for an oval table (that are the most complicated to take), don’t worry! Now, in a nutshell, I’ll explain you some few steps useful for a right measurement and how to calculate the right length and width of the tablecloth to order. Obviously, this will change depending on the shape.

The process of this table is the simplest. You’ll only need to measure one side and add tablecloth drop of 12” for every side. Therefore assuming that the length of the table is 40” it will be: 40”x40” = 40”+12”+12”= 64” (length) and 40”+12”+12”= 64” (width).

As the square table, you have to do the measurement of the side, considering that the length is different from the width and also here, you have to add 12” to the four sides.
(Ex. 40”x 80”= 40”+ 12”+ 12”= 64” width and 80”+12”+12”= 104” length)
For this model, the measurement will start from the measure of the diameter and add 12” on both sides.
(Ex. Diameter= 40”, it will be: 40”+12”+12”= 64” measure finished.)
In this case you have to measure the point of maximum extension both length and width and add 12” for each side.
(Ex. 40”x 80”= 40”+12”+12”= 64” width and 80”+12”+12”= 104” length.)

An important point to keep in mind is that our tissues don’t shrink into the wash, so, it’s not necessary add inches in the mensuration.
In this way you’ll save your time and you’ll be sure that the tablecloth that you choose, it will have the perfect measures. You’ll can flaunt it with your relatives and friends when you gather at lunches or dinners, because everybody knows that the best time spent is around a laid table surrounded by people we love.

Furthermore, our products are waterproof and non-iron. Suitable for don’t overwork during the wash every time that there is a stain, or you pour a drink accidentally. This quality let you and your guests to enjoy the meal.
Now, let me explain you in detail what is waterproof tissue and from what it’s formed.

“Stain-resistant and no-iron tablecloth 100% polyester.”
Except, what’s polyester? And why are the stain-resistant tablecloths composed only of this material?

The polyester is a synthetic fibre mainly used in the textile industry.
It is characterized by an excellent toughness and resilience, a high resistance to the abrasion, folds and heat, a high modulus of elasticity and water repellency. Thanks to its resistance it is used with cotton, wool and other natural fibers to increase their strength. Polyester is also a stain-resistance and damp-proof material.

The polyester is commonly used in the production of winter and sporty clothing because it is a thermal insulation. Lately, it has fully entered into the production of stain-resistant, waterproof and no-iron tablecloths.
One of the most advantageous properties of this material is in fact its elasticity, which allows the fabric to get back to its original shape after having been wrinkled, without the need to iron. Thus, the polyester allows to save not only time and fatigue, but also and especially electricity, having as a consequence a positive green impact on the atmosphere.

Compared to the natural fibre fabrics, this synthetic fibre resists very well even if it is exposed for a long time to the heat and to the sunlight. The textiles made of polyester are very resistance to the laceration and to the abrasion. They can be washed several times without widening, shrinking or losing their shape. Moreover, they dry very quickly thanks to their breathability.

The polyester has many advantageous property. This is why we use this material for our stain-resistant and no-iron tablecloths, practical just like the fabric which they’re made of!

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