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NewsSome advice about how to set up your table during the summer
Come arredare la tavola estiva

Some advice about how to set up your table during the summer

The arrival of the summer doesn’t bring with it only carefulness and joy, but also the desire to organize dinner or lunch en plain air. Today I’m here to give you some advice about how to set up your table in different occasions during the summer.


Let’s start with a location often used due to her functionality: garden or terrace. What we need, it is be a solid table positioned at a stable point, and chairs with pillows for make them more comfortable. The next step is set up the table and add the decorations. We have a plenty of possibilities about, now I give you some tips but then feel you free to use your imagination. The first thing to do is choose the appropriate waterproof tablecloth, you can pick a unicolor one or one with a pattern. The tablecloth is fundamental for the success of your meal, for this reason, if you’re interested look at our online shop. There you can find different inspiration, for example are available unicolor tablecloths that remind you summer as: peach, ivory, yellow, green, pink and others. For who loves patterned tablecloths, we have different floral patterns, geometric, abstract or with leaves. Moreover, a characteristic that you don’t have to underrated is that our tablecloths are waterproof and non-iron.

An important rule to keep in mind is that the tablecloth must be combined with the dishes and cutlery, but also with the surrounding area around your table. So, if you prefer a patterned tablecloth, it might be better use white or ivory dishes. Then you must embellish your table. You can use as a centerpiece a beautiful jar of water with fragrant flowers, or a few twigs of aromatic herbs. Many people use lanterns or candles for create the perfect atmosphere, mostly in the evening when the sunlight isn’t enough. On the other side, during a lunch, when the sun shines in the sky a bit too much disturbing you and your guests, you can select an adjustable arm umbrella that protects you. If you already have a table with a permanent umbrella, we create tablecloths with a hole in the center and a strip of Velcro for remove it easily.

At this point you just have to cook something; I suggest you fresh and light food and a happy hour with some finger food and alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks. Then add some music and you can invite your guests.


If you’re lucky enough to own a beach house, I can give you some tips about how to set and embellish your table. If you want a sea theme one, choosetablecloths based on the shades of blue or with marine patterns, on our online shop, you can find for example the “Havana” design.

For who has a house in the mountains, don’t worry, I have some advice for you too. Take what you need and look for a park, in this situation is better use single-seater American placemats, you can use those wooden tables and benches that usually are in the parks.


Summer is the best time to plan brunches, maybe during the holidays when you sleep a little more and you skip the breakfast. For those who don’t know, the word “brunch” is of British origin and is a combination between breakfast and lunch. Usually, it takes place between 10:30 am and 12:00 am. For this reason, during a brunch, you can eat whether sweet foods as pancakes, muffin, brioches and cakes or salty food as eggs, toast, and sausages. Moreover, you can find fresh fruit and others drinks for example orange juice, milk, or coffee.

Also, for this occasion we have the right tablecloths that you can find on our shop.

After all these tips for every event, you are ready to spend a great summer!!!

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