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NewsHow to decorate your table for Easter

How to decorate your table for Easter

Let’s face it, who’s looking forward to Easter? A full day spent with friends or relatives, thoughtless with the perfect excuse to eat a lot of chocolate! Moreover, it’s in the best period of the year, a spring breeze that mixes with the chirping of birds, there’s neither too hot or too cold and with a little luck, you can enjoy of a bright sun.

Often, the Easter is celebrated gathering all family around a table laden with delicious food; for this reason, if you want that your Easter will be perfect, is necessary choose the proper tablecloth and know how to decorate the table. It must be joyful, and the colors can’t miss!

You can use pastel colorsas: pink, yellow, white, light blue, green and lilac. These are the tons most used because they remind the nature that during spring begins to bloom and gives us Incredibles expanses of colorful flowers of many shades, in the fields along the road, in the manicured garden and on the tops of the trees. Very used are floral pattern tablecloths. In our online shop are available different designs. In our online shop, we have several models available that can suit you. Here some: Peonia, Spring pesca, Alba, Florida and new minimal design .

I might suggest you others styles for your mise en place, if you want to change a little. There is the possibility of organize something creative using a neutral, waterproof and non-iron tablecloth with a gaudy runner. Otherwise, if you want doing your Easter lunch in a garden or a terrace and arrange a reunion more casual and modern, you can choose single-seater American placements. Also for this, we are many designs available in our shop online, customizable with the initial letter of your guests, same for napkins.

Don’t forget the centerpiece, will be great a bouquet of colorful flowers matched with the table. You can use a vase, or I can suggest you our multipurpose bread bin. They are also perfect for eggs decorated by children for embellish your mise en place. If you are not satisfied of your table, you can add something handmade.

With these style tips, you’ll catch your guests’ attention!!!

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