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NewsThe perfect table for valentine’s day
Tavola di San Valentino

The perfect table for valentine’s day

Do you hear this call to romance that hangs in the air?!
Yes, Valentine’s Day is getting closer, the lovers’ Day! There are different opinions about it, someone love this day and is ready to set up everything in detail e and someone who think that is a too corny event. However, something it can’t miss and could be the best solution for everybody is a romantic dinner by candlelight. Simple and romantic, maby at home so it can be more intimate. If you want to choose this kind of idea and you want to impress your partner with a romantic dinner made by you, I can give you some tips for create the perfect dinner and a special atmosphere.

The first thing you have to know is that this dinner will be based on red color, the color of love and passion. You can choose a white tablecloth with red underplates and coasters, or a red tablecloth with black coasters to make it more elegant. With a white tablecloth also goes well with a unicolor red runner, a patterned one or an embroidered one. Obviously, these are the classic color, but if you want, you can dare using your partner’s favorite colors. For example, I can suggest you a pink tablecloth with red coasters and white dishes, or with decorations that reminds the other colors. As a centerpiece you have to put flowers, mainly roses, that can be white or red depending on the tablecloth, you can also spread the petals on the table. If you’re scared that they can ruin the tablecloth you can choose them in synthetic fabric.

Another thing that can not miss are the candles for create a soft light and a dreamy atmosphere. If you’re lucky to have a fireplace in your house, dinning in front of it will make everything more magic and unforgettable. About the glasses you can use two goblets, one for the water and the other for the wine and the last thing is complete your table with a set of gold or silver cutlery.

A nice tip would be to create a personalized placeholder with a poem for your partner!

I have no advice to give you other than, be yourself and enjoy the evening!

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